Google Acts Tough, Huawei Now Forced To Use Open-source Android OS.

The U.S. tech giant Google has withdrawn Huawei’s license banning it from using its mobile operating system. Huawei is now forced to use open source software.

Huawei and about 70 affiliates were added to the “Entity List” by the Commerce Department, blacklisting the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Those currently using Huawei mobile phones will still access Google apps, use them and update the existing google apps according to a Google spokesman.

The move comes as the tech giant seeks to comply with orders, a spokesperson confirmed to Reuters. However, owners of Huawei phones will still be able to access Google Play as well as Google Play Protect on the Huawei mobile devices that are already sold out.

All Huawei’s new smartphones that operate using Android version will not have Google Play Store, Gmail and also YouTube which are all owned by Google. Per the source, Huawei will have user access to the Android public version only and not the propriety apps and service owned by Google.

Huawei could be greatly hampered by Google’s move, especially given that users will no longer be able to access updates on their Android OS-enabled Huawei smartphones.

That could see it lose market all over the world, with China being the remaining stronghold.

The Commerce Department announced on Friday that it would issue temporary licensing to Huawei so as not to affect existing users, even so, things look to be getting tougher for the Chinese company.

Sources say Huawei has begun to evaluate it world supply chain and assess the impact of the U.S. ban. However, chip experts already doubt if the company will be able to operate without backing from the United States.

The source has reported that Google is still looking into the areas affected by the ban. Similarly, a spokesperson from Huawei on Friday also said that they are keenly weighing the impact of the ban. The company has not responded to any questions concerning the development. The U.S. Commerce Department reps have also not been available for a comment about the issue.